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This week's Tune for Tuesday is an English cover of a song called "K.K. Bossa" from the Animal Crossing series and is performed by a talented singer who goes by the moniker of adrisaurus. I picked this particular song for several reasons, namely that it's beautiful, I'm staying at one of my favorite vacation spots (Kiawah Island), and I showed one of my closest friends the Animal Crossing movie two nights ago. Talk about one adorable, heartwarming film!

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This week's spectacular Tune for Tuesday is an awesome English cover performed Y. Chang for the second opening of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, “BLOODY STREAM” by Coda. I've started watching this series recently, and it has a unique vibe to it that’s difficult for me to put my finger on, and the lyrics in this cover just blow me away, especially the line that goes, “Always tempt your fate with luck and a smile.” It is for these reasons and more that I must warn all of you not to be surprised in the slightest if you find yourself suddenly singing along, dancing, or posing in an epic manner while listening to this. If any of this begins to occur, just remember that tonight, we stand together.
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This week’s Tune for Tuesday is in honor of the newest member of the Toonami line-up: Attack on Titan! I am peeved that they couldn’t play the full version on the air, but considering one of their previous tumblr response videos, I know that the folks at Toonami ain’t too happy about it either. 

The original song "Guren no Yumiya" is by Sound Horizon (also known as Linked Horizon), but this particular cover appears to be a large cooperative effort between various individuals, all of whom are incredibly talented. Check out the video on YouTube for further details!


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