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"A Sweet Surprise" by Shads-Pics

For the last day of Outlaw Star Month, I present to everyone a piece of fan art not unlike the first one I showcased at the start of the month. However, considering a certain holiday that takes place tomorrow, I felt it was fitting to share another tribute of my favorite pairing of all time. This picture in particular is also special to me personally, for not only was it originally inspired by one of my pieces of Outlaw Star fan fiction, one I happen to take great pride in, but it was a surprise gift made by the same individual who happened to be the beta editor of said story! I can't think of a more fitting way to end off a month dedicated to my favorite show of all time!

As I've mentioned before, I also intend to do a sort of rap up following the month's conclusion, but whether or not I'll have it ready by tomorrow remains to be seen. You better get ready!
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“They rode Westward into the Frontier's setting Sun” by jackcrowder

Not that much time left in Outlaw Star Month, so I better make it count. Today, I bring you all some fan art inspired by one of the most well-written pieces of Outlaw Star fan fiction I've come across to date, written by Rassilon001. You better get ready!
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"The Outlaw Star Gang" by pixelmuse

This is it. The last stretch of Outlaw Star Month. The gang's all here to help us make this final week amazing, and with Gilliam II having our back as well (can't have Outlaw Star Month without at least one piece of fan art including the computer of titular ship, after all), we'll definitely be able to enjoy the ride. You better get ready!
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"Fred" by imabubble

Uploading today's tribute for Outlaw Star Month a bit earlier in the day than usual, but I ain't complaining, and I doubt anyone else will. So to celebrate, here's a piece of fan art of the shrewd merchant and amusing financial benefactor of our heroes: Fred Luo!
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"Gene Starwind" by DW3Girl

Well, it occurred to me that, despite already halfway through week 4 of Outlaw Star Month, I had yet to post a solo shot of the main character: the one and only Gene Starwind. That could be a problem.
"No kidding! I'm the star of the show!"
Sorry, Gene!
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"Aisha Collab" by byakko

For today's tribute as part of the ongoing month of Outlaw Star, I bring to you a piece of fan art featuring the strong, fierce, proud, and quick to anger but clownish member of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire: Aisha Clan-Clan!

Admittedly, I was trying to decide between this picture and a certain demotivational poster that I found quite ironic, but the reason why is something I've decided to save for my large wrap-up post once Outlaw Star Month ends.
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"Outlaw Star' by lebnaniya

Well, we’ve reached the halfway point of Outlaw Star Month. Wow, it’s been going by pretty quickly! So to mark the occasion, I’m sharing fan art from a really awesome artist! Seriously, you rock, lebnaniya!
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"And there are those that are dim." by DriftingFeather

It's the end of week two of Outlaw Star Month, so to celebrate, here's the amazing character responsible for setting into motion the events that result in my favorite show of all time: the one and only Hot Ice Hilda!
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"Kei Pirates" by ScribblerRigby

For today's Outlaw Star Month tribute, I present to you fan art of the Kei Pirate foot soldiers. Now that I think about it, there sadly, isn't a whole lot of fan art for these guys. But that part of the reason I picked this piece: bringing attention to those in need of more love!
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"OS: All Through the Night" by jinglestan

Know what time it is? It's time to begin another week of Outlaw Star Month! You better get ready!
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"Outlaw Star Dragon Symbol" by Narica

It's the end of the first full week of Outlaw Star month, so here's a very unique piece of fan art!
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"-Melfina-" by ainokiseki

Next up on Outlaw Star Month is some rather awesome fan art of my favorite girl in all of anime, the one and only Melfina!

On another note, tomorrow's a big day for Outlaw Star. I'm going to have to think of something really special for that!



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