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Once again, it's time for dedicate yet another Tune for Tuesday to Outlaw Star Month. This time around, we're going with one action-packed theme that'll definitely make you want to break through any obstacle in your path! You better get ready!

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For this week's Tune for Tuesday and today's tribute for Outlaw Star Month, I bring to you all the theme of one of the most feared fighters in the Toward Stars Universe: the Ultra Class A Assassin Twilight Suzuka!

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Once again, this week's Tune for Tuesday is in celebration of Outlaw Star month! Yahoo! And this time around, we're going with another one of my favorite soundtracks: "Expectation" by Kow Otani!
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 Another Outlaw Star themed Tune for Tuesday! This time, it's one of my favorite tracks in the entire series: "Desire" by Kow Otani! It's hard to explain why exactly, but...I just love this song! Always have, and always will!
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For the past year or so of with Tune for Tuesday, I made a little challenge for myself: to avoid doing two or more songs by the same artist/group, or that were used as part of the same movie, show, or game. But I'm making an exception for this month, for it is the fourteenth anniversary of when I first saw what would become my favorite show of all time, back when I was seven years old, and the seventeenth anniversary of when it first debuted on Japanese television. That's right, folks. In January of 2001, three years after it first aired in Japan, Outlaw Star first premiered on Toonami in the United States. So not only am I planning on dedicating this whole month to that marvelous anime, starting next week, I have another Outlaw Star related surprise in mind.

Seeing as how this how I'm starting off Outlaw Star Month (or OS Month), I figure what better place to start then the very first soundtrack to be used in the entire show! So come on, everyone! You better get ready!



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