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With only today and tomorrow left in Outlaw Star Month, I felt like I had to showcase at least one more cosplay inspired by said anime. So naturally, I decided to go with a photo depicting a cosplay of my favorite anime girl of all time (as well as my first crush): Melfina!

But wow, to think that tomorrow, it will time for one last big push. And I know just the one for the job! Next time on Outlaw Star Month, I’ll be sharing a personal favorite! You better get ready!

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I still can't believe that this is happening. This is the last Tune for Tuesday of Outlaw Star Month. But if there's any song that qualifies for such a significant position, it this. It's the in-series English version of the first closing theme of the anime, the opening sequence for the penultimate episode, and above all, a simple and beautiful yet haunting melody that has resonated with me since I first heard it many, many years ago. You better get ready!
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"-Melfina-" by ainokiseki

Next up on Outlaw Star Month is some rather awesome fan art of my favorite girl in all of anime, the one and only Melfina!

On another note, tomorrow's a big day for Outlaw Star. I'm going to have to think of something really special for that!



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